Saree for centuries have evoked awe, desire and admiration. The drapes, masterfully woven by artisans and weavers have made women look beautiful through the ages. Sarees have for long been an integral part of Indian tradition, customs, cherished gifts from loved ones.  

At Trariti, our objective is to curate and bring to you handpicked sarees from the length and breath of India, including 

Muga from Assam, Taant  and Matka sarees from West Bengal, Kasavu from Kerala, Chikankari from Lucknow, Mangalgiri from Guntur, Khadi cotton sarees, Jamdani from Kolkatta, Bagru prints from Jaipur and many many more.

Sit back, click away to see India’s pride in all its vibrancy and ebullience unwrap itself before you! Go ahead indulge in the Divine Elegance, Trariti Sarees!