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The Mulberry Tales!

Pillayarpallayam is a small weaver's community exactly 2 kms from Kanchipuram city. As you drive past you will see colourful silk threads spread out on make shift bamboo stands.

We met Mr. Arulnesan a humble weaver of these magnificent sarees.
He was so kind to let us spend some time in his home with his family and explained to us excitedly how these mulberry threads are woven magically into these exquisite Kanjeevaram drapes. There were two large Handlooms and took almost 80% space in his modest home.

It takes approximately 10 days to carefully and painstakingly create one 'Pattu saree' with intricate designs.

Trariti supports and truly admires these weavers of Kanchipuram.

Photos from Mr Arulnesan's home and him working on a handloom.
'Tak- Tak' goes the handloom and a smiling Arulnesan weaves his age old heritage and talent into these unassuming silk threads!

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